Little Forks has been performed throughout Scotland and England since 2012, as a ‘live literature’ reading with live original score.

In 2014 the work enters an exciting new phase and truly comes to fruition – as writer Rebecca Sharp works with Stellar Quines theatre company to develop the text and story as a full-length stage play.

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“Sharp’s powerful dramatic poem for two voices… 

  a grave, powerful and richly contemporary event,

inspired by the special power of Scotland’s far western landscape, and brave enough to bring these two mighty languages alongside one another.  It should be seen across Scotland, not least in those areas where Gaelic still lives, breathes, and has the power to change.”      Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

A lyrical paean to long-buried memories…  a powerful psychogeographical exploration…”  Seven Streets


Little Forks is a story written by Rebecca Sharp.  It was first presented as a live literature performance in 2012 and 2013 – in Edinburgh, Cumbria, Liverpool and Glasgow – with live original soundscape and film.  The text was translated into Gaelic and was performed and published in English and Gaelic.  The new, bilingual version of the performance continues to tour.

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“This is beautiful, lyrical work that raises philosophical and physical questions about the nature of reality, as the boundaries melt between land and sea, the present and the past, between people and animals, in a vision which is perhaps nearer the truth                 than we know.”   Praise for the text – Meg Bateman

 ’S e obair bhrèagha liriceach a tha an seo, a thogas ceistean an dà chuid feallsanachdail agus fiosaigeach mu dheidhinn nàdar an fhìorachais, agus na crìochan a’ leaghadh eadar muir is tìr, an t-àm a tha an làthair agus an t-àm a tha seachad, eadar daoine agus beathaichean. Cuiridh an sgeulachd seo aisling an cèill a bhios nas fhaisge air an fhìrinn, is dòcha, na tha sinn an dùil.”                     – Meg Bateman

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